Professional Counselling | Career Guidance for Beautician

career of butician

A beautician wears many professional hats and the ambit of work is spread over a large number of specialisations. These include hairstyling, nail care, skin care and makeup. Generally, beauticians tend to focus on one area or the other as this imparts a higher degree of skill sets in a specialised field. This is also a reason why professional counselling and career guidance is so important for beauticians.

Most beauticians take the route of career programs to enter this field while a few take up diploma and graduate courses. In the second category are those that have decided that this is their career goal and would therefore want to improve themselves to a level where they earn handsomely, take on more responsibilities and even at some stage of their lives have their own beauty clinic or spa.

Career guidance for beautician naturally starts with the all important work aspect. Actually there is no clearly defined role of a beautician as the concept of enhancing beauty has many sides to it. However, the roles can be outlined as follows –

• Regular haircut, hair wash, colouring, pedicure, manicure, facials and styling. Beauticians who have mastered these roles are much in demand as they offer comprehensive bridal care services as well as makeup on models for photo shoots. This is a very critical work as successful shoots by top of the line photographers under different trying conditions often depend on the makeup skills of the beauticians. Needless to say, this is a highly lucrative work for trained beauticians.

• In beauty clinics and spas, the work of a beautician includes makeup to spa and steam bath treatments.

• Professional counselling for beauticians includes beauty enhancing procedures that iron out some perceived abnormalities. Knowing how to handle and offer treatment on state of the art technologically advanced equipment is important for new generation beauticians. For example, permanent hair removal procedures on IPL hair removal machine is very popular now a days and any beautician wanting to make a mark in the field of cosmetology should be aware of the operational aspects of these machines.

• Some beauticians who have gone through advanced courses are even trained to administer medications for chronic conditions under the supervision of those with experience at the clinics. This is of course not standardised practice and beauticians are generally discouraged from doing so if not under supervision.

The next area of professional counselling and career guidance for beauticians is related to the scope of this profession even though for those trained in this field, the possibilities are considered to be unlimited. There is huge space to excel for those really serious about the profession and career growth. Earnings are high and keep shooting up with experience.

For those with advanced skill sets and knowledge to operate laser IPL machines, earnings can exceed even the wildest expectations. Makeup professionals are in great demand in the TV and film industry as well as in the fashion world. This is apart from vacancies in beauty salons and spas as well as luxury hotels and resorts.
Finally, at the end of their active careers, beauticians can earn handsomely as an image consultant, by writing books and teaching young budding cosmetologists.