Counselling with beauty expert to know the effects of treatments

Counselling with beauty

In the modern beauty treatment business, procedures are more advanced and convenient than what it was even a decade back. Consider skin rejuvenation processes that not so long ago required extensive surgical intervention and prolonged downtime and recuperation periods. Fast forward to now and you will get technologically advanced state of the art equipment that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and acne marks in a few sessions lasting less than half an hour. Most importantly, the patient can get back to work almost immediately.

However, even in this Utopian setting, there are many aspects that need to be thought of. All these processes are mainly carried out through machines without any human touch apart from adjusting the controls. Hence, you should always book an appointment at a beauty salon that not only has high end machines but also experienced and reputed dermatologists and technicians manning them.

This is crucial if you want to have beauty treatments that are safe, effective and without any side effects and is the reason why counselling before any beauty process is so crucial. You should under no circumstances give this step a miss. For instance, you will not be aware of the effect of a process until you ask the counsellor for and see before/after photos of previous patients. This will give you a fair idea of what you will look like after a particular beauty treatment.

What then are the points that you will know through counselling for different treatments? A selection of possible procedures are given here.

Lip Injections

The trend today is full and beautiful lips that make the face look youthful and glamorous and help in application of makeup. But since it is a matter of the face and an area that is instantly noticeable to others, you should go through pre treatment counselling sessions to know about any adverse effects the procedure might have.

For instance, if you are a resident of the State of Victoria in Australia and want to go through sessions of lip injections in Melbourne, your counsellor will tell you that if you repeatedly opt for this lip filler, the skin of the lips will blow up surely but deflate later when the filler degrades. After a number of times of this cycle the lips will be in a worse state than it was when you first started this treatment. Your counsellor will guide you on the periodicity of this process for best and lasting results.

Anti wrinkle injections

Coming back to the same example of location, what can possibly be the side effects of anti wrinkle injections in Melbourne? As your counselor will tell you, any side effects are absolutely specific to a client and not applicable to all patients opting for this treatment. Any after effect is limited only to the area under treatment and is purely cosmetic in nature. It includes headache, face pain, redness, bruising, skin tightness or a feeling of small pricks like pins and needles. However, these are rare and far between and administering of anti-wrinkle injections by experienced dermatologists is fully safe and painless.

The importance of counseling is to know what you should expect from beauty treatments. It is advisable to keep in mind that it is not always possible to get a celebrity look. The effectiveness of treatments depends on your facial and body structure only. People are born with a certain look and only minor maintenance modifications are possible unless of course they choose to opt for drastic plastic surgeries.