How Career Counselling can help Reach your Goal

Career Goal

It is not easy to choose a career path that will at the same time be mentally satisfying and monetarily rewarding. There are so many variables that it is natural for a fresher just out of college to get confused. Even those in a job for years might feel alienated from the work environment because they chose the wrong career option and are not really happy in their job. The problem is compounded by the fact that today new frontiers in technological advancements have opened up new vistas bringing with it a plethora of job opportunities.

This is where the role of a career counsellor begins. You will be guided on the job roles that will fit you to a T based on your talents, strengths and weaknesses, aptitude and existing skill sets. You will be advised on how to make optimum use of your strong points and take a beneficial career decision or a career change.

Here are some of the ways that career counselling can help you reach your goal.

  • Testing aptitude levels – High marks in academics in no way proves that a student will feel at home in any work scenario or be a success in any job that is taken up. It is the aptitude that matters a lot. The role of a career counsellor is to take you through various aptitude and career assessment tests to know more about what you will be fit for later in life. This will help you take informed decisions on whether to go for further courses to sharpen skill sets for a specific profession or make a good career choice. For example, a student in Australia might have graduated in the arts but has an aptitude for a nursing career. Counsellors will then test aptitude levels and advise the student to join a Registered Nurse Course in Melbourne to take his/her career forward.
  • Avoiding confusion – When you are young it is difficult to have a career goal in mind. There will be many attractive and glamorous options before you and it might be extremely difficult to decide what career goals to follow. A career counsellor on the other hand has the expertise and tools to evaluate your ability in a particular field and can steer you in the right direction. Another example will help illustrate this point better. Suppose you are a fresh graduate in Australia and interested in the dental profession. Now there are many choices here – dentist, dental technician or specialisation in other allied fields. Based on your aptitude, career counsellors will offer you guidance on which Dental Diploma Courses in Australia will be right for you. Left alone, it is almost well nigh impossible for a fresh graduate to make an optimised career choice.
  • Refining interview techniques – Interviews especially for young graduates can be a tremendous source of stress and anxiety. There are so many things to consider, from choosing an outfit to posture in front of interviewers to the type of questions that can be thrown at the interviewee. Preparing for interviews is crucial and here too counsellors will take you through the paces and help you reach your career goals. They will hold mock interviews which will be a confidence building exercise to prepare you for the real thing. Hence, when you finally attend an interview you will be completely prepared to face it with a lot of poise and assurance.

Regardless of whether you are just entering the workforce or making a career switch after years of experience at a job, be assured that career counselling will be a greatly beneficial process.